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Live Life uses three separate platforms to operate


Create your environment

Make your own environment come to life. Load up a QR code, set up your display, and start up the chat. Customise your chat to suit the needs of your environment.

Multilingual and Monitorable content

Automatically filter out any inappropriate or offensive content using Clarifai API and enable auto-translation through Google Translate API for your chatroom.

Personalise your advertisements

Make your advertisements suit your displays, and embellish it in our built-in advertisement editor. Use this tool to customise the look of your ads on the big screen.

Join in on the conversation

Promote messages, offers, or products, advertise, or simply chat with fellow members of the environment, or moderate bad behaviour in the chat, all in your dashboard chat interface.

Customize the rewards your users can earn

By making use of the app in your venue, users can various rewards that you can manage in the dashboard.


Download the App and chat

Upload content, share information, react, and meet new people in your chatting environment. It's only a QR code scan away.

Register via Facebook

By registering via Facebook, you can see if your friends, exes, or enemies that have signed in to the same venue chatroom as you. These appear in the chat lobby of your friends.

Earn rewards or vouchers

Visit your favourite watering hole often and earn rewards. Earn yourself a free drink, meal voucher, air miles, or more as you continue to participate in the chats around you.


Customise your Viewport

Host a custom display on your big screen by showcasing personalised ads, adjusting the position of the QR code, and adding background images, all via the dashboard.

Stream on the Big Screen

You can stream your conversation on any device, as small as a mobile phone to as large as the movie theatre screen. All you need is an Internet connection.

Make it Ad Free

Customize the content you show in the dashboard, and enable a QR code and ad-free experience for the user as well!

Browse some use cases and see if it's for you!

Get to know the people around you at your favourite watering hole, and bond over horrible referee calls.

Chat with fellow festival goers and talk about your favourite performances.

Wine and dine in your favourite restaurant. Frequent visitors might get a reward or two!

Unsure of where to find your favorite fruit? Why not ask in your supermarket's chat room?

Sign up to the chat and find out what shops have on sale for you, or get in touch with fellow shoppers at the mall.

At a museum, city square, or another public venue? Get in touch with people or be informed of your area.

Provide your school or university with a social and informative Live Life powered billboard.

Check in to your hotel and get to know your fellow guests. Maybe you get lucky and get yourself a reward!

Going on a trip? Get in touch with your fellow passengers at the airport.

Share announcements and chat with your colleagues at your workplace

Enjoy the highlights and reactions to your favourite sporting event on the big screen in a stadium.

Still not convinced? Contact us and find out how you can help connect the world.

Questions and answers

Can Live Life be used without a TV screen?
Yes, customers can still set up a free account if they prefer not to have a screen (i.e. camping grounds, outdoor work spaces, weddings etc)
Isn't people's messages on giant screens everywhere the opposite of social media reformation?
Social media is only going to become more involved with our lives, this is just a fact. As modern technology advances, so will social media. It's up to us to make conscious decisions on how social media evolves and what we do with it. Live Life's goal is to blend social media technology and natural social interaction together, creating a healthier social media usage.
How are unwanted comments and images regulated?
The answer lies in a series of measures that have been carefully thought out and implemented. Click here to learn more.
What stops users from copying and sending a QR code to outside the location, causing trolls and stay-at-home users to be able to participate in the chat unfairly?
Our QR code functionality is paired with location tracking.
Why use Live Life without a screen instead of Facebook or other networks?
Using Facebook requires people to be able to add accounts in order to communicate, just like Whatsapp requires phone numbers. Because of our QR system, as soon as you are at an event you are free to communicate with anyone there, as long as they have the app and they are within the specified proximity.
What if the administration is too busy to spend time monitoring content?
Some establishments are sometimes too busy to survey the dashboard. For this reason, if an undesired comment presents itself, and more than 3 users flag it, it will be instantly removed without administrative interference.

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